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Frozen mice are an essential component in the diet of many pet and breeding animals. In their natural environment, mice serve as a food base for various species, including reptiles, snakes, some birds, cats, and ferrets. Providing such food in a home setting is not only practical but also healthy and safe thanks to proper freezing, storage, and delivery processes implemented by our company. With our knowledge and experience, we can guarantee our customers a high-quality product valued in many European countries.

Long-lasting freshness and edibility of the product

Thanks to the deep-freezing process, the frozen mice and pinkies offered by our company retain their freshness and nutritional values for a long time. This ensures that animals receive the highest quality food, regardless of when it is fed.

User-friendly packaging

Our frozen mice and pinkies are packed in convenient, resealable bags, allowing for easy and hygienic removal of individual pieces. This ensures ease of use and minimizes food waste.

Compliance with regulations

Our frozen mice come exclusively from registered breederies that operate in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. This assures you that the product you are feeding your animal is safe and of the highest quality.

Benefits of frozen mice and rats

Frozen mice and pinkies are easy to store and can be fed according to the dietary needs of the animal. We freeze and package the product in a way that each piece can be easily separated and removed from the package. Frozen mice and pinkies added to the basket in our store will never be stuck together, making them difficult to portion. Availability of different sizes – from frozen pinkies to adult mice – allows precise adjustment of portions to the size and age of the animal.


Available packages, bundles, and prices of frozen mice at Raw PetFood

Smaller frozen mice and pinkies are typically packed in quantities of 25. To offer a more favorable price, we also propose adding packages of 100 pieces for certain sizes. For customers looking for competitive prices of frozen mice, we have also introduced a Category B product sold by the kilogram instead of pieces.

Variety of sizes of frozen mice and pinkies

We offer a wide selection of frozen mice and pinkies, ranging from small newborns sold in packs of 25 to runners and jumpers, up to adult specimens weighing up to 35g. Such diversity allows for proper adjustment of the diet to the specific nutritional and behavioral needs of different animals.

Why choose frozen mice for food?

Feeding live mice as food for snakes, cats, or other animals can be risky for the caregiver and the pet. Live mice can defend themselves, scratching and biting the human or animal they are meant to feed. Frozen mice and rats eliminate this risk, providing a safe and ethical solution for the nutritional needs of predators.

Ethical aspects of feeding frozen mice

Using the product, such as a frozen mouse, is also a more humane choice compared to feeding live feeder animals. In our company, we pay attention to the conditions in which feeder animals live, their health, and well-being. Animals are painlessly euthanized before freezing. Choosing a frozen mouse over a live one for feeding your pets eliminates the risk of stress and suffering for both the fed animal and the mouse.

Choosing frozen mice as food for your animal is not only a matter of convenience but also safety, ethics, and health. With our offering of frozen mice, you can provide your animals with a natural, nutritious, and safe diet that encourages natural hunting behaviors, while maintaining the highest standards of humanity.

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