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Frozen quails are an excellent choice for breeders and pet owners looking for high-quality food for their pets. We offer a wide range of packaging options and sizes to meet the diverse nutritional needs of our clients' charges. Our quails come from trusted suppliers and are frozen, stored, and transported according to the highest standards. These are healthy and clean birds, providing an excellent source of nutrients for cats, dogs, snakes, and birds of prey.

Our product range includes:

  • Frozen quail carcasses packed in sets of 4, ideal for dogs and cats as an introduction to whole prey or as a component of BARF / raw diets,
  • Day-old quails, packed in 25s — these young, tender quails are an excellent source of protein for smaller animals.
  • Frozen quails 20/30g, packed in 10s — small quails, perfect food for smaller birds of prey, cats, and small dogs as part of whole prey, young snakes (including corn snakes) and other small or young predatory animals.
  • Quails M 80/120g, 5 pieces — medium-sized frozen quails packed in sets of 5, ideal for testing and introducing new types of food for snakes, dogs, cats (whole prey).
  • Quails M 80/120g, 50 pieces pack — medium-sized frozen quails in a larger, economical package (when choosing this pack, the price per quail is lower than in smaller packages).
  • Quails L 120/180g, 5 pieces — large frozen quails in a smaller package.
  • Quails L 120/180g, 50 pieces pack — large quails in an economical package, excellent for larger species of animals requiring more substantial meals, and as whole prey food for cats and dogs.
  • Quails XL 200/300g, 5 pieces — Extra large quails, particularly liked as food for animals due to the often found eggs inside at various stages of development.
  • Quails XL 200/300g, 30 pieces pack — The largest quails available at a more favorable price per piece.
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Raw PetFood Guarantees:

  • Freshness and quality: Our quails are properly frozen, stored, and transported, ensuring maximum freshness and preservation of all nutritional values.
  • Versatility: A rich offer of sizes and quantities allows matching the food to the specific needs of different species of animals.
  • Convenience: Thanks to proper freezing and solid packaging, quails can be easily stored and portioned.

Frozen quails are an ideal source of food for many species of animals, including dogs and cats on a BARF diet, birds of prey, snakes, and other predators. Our quails are popularly chosen by breeders and pet caretakers looking for the highest quality food for their charges.

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