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Day-old chicks (chickens) [K] 1kg

Day-old chicks (chickens) [K] 1kg

  • One-day-old chicks (chickens) colorful / mix 1 kg — high-quality feed for snakes
2,57 €
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Product available in very large quantities
Product available in very large quantities
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Day-old chicks (chickens) [K] 1kg x 5

Day-old chicks (chickens) [K] 1kg x 5

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Day-old chicks (chickens) [K] 1kg x 10

Day-old chicks (chickens) [K] 1kg x 10

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One-day-old chicks (chickens) colorful / mix 1 kg — high-quality feed for snakes

In our Raw Petfood store offering feed for snakes, we provide high-quality frozen one-day-old chicks. Known primarily from the whole prey diet for cats and dogs, as well as food for hedgehogs and birds of prey, chicken chicks also find their place in the feeding of domestic snakes.

One-day-old chicks as feed for domestic snakes alongside mice and rats

Proper nutrition is crucial for maintaining health and good condition in snakes, which is why Raw Petfood as a feed store is interested in the composition of these animals' natural diet. Studies clearly indicate that many species of snakes in the wild feed on a wide spectrum of foods, not limiting themselves to the most popular feed animals, namely mice and rats. The natural diet of many snakes also includes birds.

Below we present a list of snake species that often consume birds in their natural environment, making one-day-old chicks an ideal choice for their nutrition. The participation of birds in the diet of these snakes is marked in parentheses (or range, if sources indicated otherwise). We hope this list will help in composing a varied and as healthy as possible diet for domestic snakes.

List of snakes in whose diet birds appear:

  • Boa constrictor Red-tailed Boa(40%)
  • Bogertophis subocularis / Trans – Pecos Rat Snake / Durango Rat Snake (17%)
  • Boiga cyanea (86%)
  • Boiga dendrophila Gold-ringed Cat Snake / Mangrove Snake (25%)
  • Broghammerus reticulatus Reticulated Python / Regal Python / Java Rock Python (9%)
  • Corallus hortulanus / Amazon tree boa / Common tree boa / Garden tree boa (38%)
  • Elaphe quatuorlineata / Ratsnake (28%)
  • Lampropeltis getula (12%)
  • Lampropeltis triangulum / Milk Snake (16-26%)
  • Lampropeltis zonata (12%)
  • Lamprophis fuliginosus / Brown House Snake, African House Snake  (10%)
  • Morelia spilota / Diamond Python
    and others: ( Morelia spilota mcdowelli - 64%, Morelia spilota spilota - 9%, Morelia spilota variegata - 9-25%)
  • Pantherophis guttatus / Corn Snake / Red Rat Snake(22%)
  • Pantherophis obsoletus (20-53%)
  • Pituophis catenifer (15-18%)
  • Pituophis melanoleucus (21%)
  • Python molurus bivittatus / Burmese Python (28%)

Other snakes which may also consume birds as part of their lives, include:

  • Aspidites melanocephalus / Black-headed Python
  • Aspidites ramsayi / Ramsay's Python / Woma Python
  • Charina bottae / Rubber Boa
  • Epicrates cenchria / Rainbow boa
  • Eryx colubrinus
  • Eryx jaculus / Spotted Sand Boa / Javelin Sand Boa / Caucasian Sand Boa
  • Heterodon nasicus / Western hognose snake
  • Lampropeltis alterna
  • Lamprophis lineatus
  • Liasis children
  • Liasis maculosus
  • Natrix natrix
  • Pantherophis emoryi / Great Plains ratsnake
  • Pantherophis spiloides / Gray ratsnake
  • Python brongersmai / Brongersma's Short-Tailed Python / Blood Python, Red Short-Tailed Python
  • Python regius / Royal Python
  • Python sebae / African rock python / Rock python / African python
  • Rhinechis scalaris
  • Thamnophis elegans 
  • Thamnophis radix
  • Thamnophis sauritus
  • The Common Garter Snake
  • Zamenis longissimus
  • Zamenis situla

Research indicates a great diversity of natural food in snakes of many species. This means that including one-day-old chicks as feed for the above species of snakes can provide a valuable diversification of the diet.

High poultry hatching standards at Raw PetFood and dry ice delivery

Our one-day-old chickens come from our own strictly controlled farms, where particular emphasis is placed on the health and welfare of the birds. Freezing shortly after hatching ensures the preservation of all nutritional values and freshness of the product, and manual selection guarantees the highest quality of our feed for snakes.

Thanks to the deep-freezing process and modern delivery in dry ice, chickens from our feed offer for snakes always arrive at their destination maintaining the highest quality of the product.

One-day-old chicks are a natural source of protein, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial for the health and proper development of your snake. We invite you to purchase in our feed store — we guarantee the highest quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding breeders.

Packaging: 1kg 

Weight of a single chicken: 35-40g

Number of pieces per kilogram: 25-28

    Analytical components: 

    • Moisture: 77%
    • Crude ash: 2%
    • Protein: 16%
    • Calcium: 0.4%
    • Fat: 6%
    • Phosphorus: 0.26%
    • Fiber: 0.2%



    ***Deep-frozen product***

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